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Bail Bonds in Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Cody Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Park County Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Campbell County Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Gillette Wyoming
November 26, 1958 – December 8, 2022
Bail Bonds in Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Cody Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Park County Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Campbell County Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Gillette Wyoming
Bail Bonds in Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Cody Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Park County Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Basin Wyoming, Bail Bonds in lander Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Thermopolis Wyoming, Bail Bonds in Worland Wyoming

Arnie Duneman

(Owner of Liberty Services, LLC) (Managing Bail Agent)

National Producer# 17365194—Wyoming License# 270497—Montana License# 100127364


Arnie Duneman of Cody, Wyoming
November 26, 1958 – December 8, 2022
Tears of sadness drip upon the pages as I write this farewell to my brother Arnie (at least in this dimension).


Arnie passed away at his home in Cody on December 8, 2022. He was born November 26, 1958 in Miles City, Montana. He graduated Baker High School (Class of 1977) and attended Dickinson State College in North Dakota for one year before returning back to his home town of Baker to pursue a 20-year career with Shell Oil Company. He had 2 children, Crystal and Caliber.


Arnie owned and operated a small 720-acre farm/ranch south of Plevna, MT. He was an avid horse enthusiast, raising and breaking horses. He was an all-around lover of animals.


He departed Baker in 1996 which led him to Cody, Wyoming. He owned and operated his own Oil Fielded servicing company for a number of years before following his father’s footsteps into Law Enforcement. Arnie spent 8+ years with the Park County Sheriff’s Office and was a certified reserve officer up until his death. He finished out his journey in the working world as the owner-operator of Liberty Bail Bonds Services.


Arnie’s family was a top priority, especially his grandchildren. Anybody that really knew Arnie could see his passion to help all people in need. He will always be remembered as an outstanding Dad, Grandpa, Husband, Brother, Friend, Mentor, and Papa.


Love your brother,



Jeremy Foster


(Owner and Managing Agent of “5 Star Bail Bonds, LLC)

National Producer# 17142083—Wyoming License# 256126


Jeremy Foster is a licensed bail agent in the state of Wyoming.


Jeremy is a 4th generation Wyomingite.


Jeremy has been in business for over 10 years in the Gillette area. Formerly working with Liberty Services Bail Bonds.


After the death of the owner of Liberty Services Bail Bonds, Jeremy decided it was time for him to break out on his own and start his own bail agency. And so became “5 Star Bail Bonds, LLC”


Jeremy understands we all make mistakes. Times have changed since Jeremys time growing up. In the days of old so to speak if you screwed up the police and Sheriff’s office would let you slide. Those days of small town times are gone. These days, you screw up, and it can be very costly and stressful working your way through the justice system. 


Working your way through the justice system can be very over whelming. With Jeremy’s wealth of knowledge of the bail industry, and justice system, Jeremy will be a guiding hand helping you through your situation.


Jeremy is a Christian first and foremost, and treats all of his clients and people the way he wants to be treated. If you are a person out on bond with Jeremy, you are not just a person out on bond. You are his client.


Mathew Smith

(Owner and managing agent of Paladin Bail Bonds, LLP)

National Producer# 19107187—Wyoming License# 399103—Montana License# 3000626946


Mathew started his investigative career in 1996 working with the D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Administration) as a contracted undercover agent. Mathew was the first contracted undercover agent authorized by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Department of Justice to be a paid operative for the U.S. and a foreign government at the same time and authorized to share intelligence with and have direct contact with U.S. agents and agents of a foreign government while working in an undercover capacity for the U.S. and a foreign government. As far as we know he is still the only one that has ever been authorized to do this as a contracted agent for the U.S.


In mid 1996, Mathew had received intelligence on an international drug trafficker. The U.S. was unwilling to work the operation. This was due to the fact they did not have the resources or relationships in, and with the countries involved to work the operation.


Mathew contacted foreign government embassies in D.C. and helped bring together a collation to work together on the operation.


While working as the undercover agent/informant on this case, Mathew collected the intelligence need to catch the traffickers, drug producers, and a corrupt judge in the African nation of Morocco.


This operation spanned across almost every country in Europe. Russia even lent a helping hand with intelligence on the main target of the operation. The details of this operation and much of Mathew’s background and involvement with law enforcement is still classified.


The success of this operation importantly improved relations between the U.S. and many European nations, and the African nation of Morocco. The success of this case was the major contributing factor in the King of Morocco’s visit to the White House and President Bill Clinton in June of 2000.


In 2002 Mathew was working on gathering intelligence on a local drug dealer in Polk County Florida. During the investigation, a person that was involved with the drug dealer Mathew was investigating was involved in a homicide. Mathew was able to obtain critical information that led the homicide unit to the blood-soaked clothes of one of the suspects. About a week later the sergeant over the homicide unit contacted Mathew for additional help. After countless hours of interviews and interrogations of the suspects the detectives were unable to get the location of the murder weapon. Mathew went to one of the suspects and identified who he was and who the agencies he was working with. He asked the suspect to submit to an interview and interrogation that he would perform. The suspect agreed to the interview and interrogation. During the interview and interrogation Mathew was able to obtain the location of the murder weapon. The murder weapon was recovered.


Mathew continued over the next 12 and 1/2 years assisting local and federal law enforcement. His assistance included working undercover on drug trafficking, international terrorism intelligence collection, homicide, attempted murder investigations, interrogation and interviews, (gaining information from suspects that law enforcement was unable) the collection of intelligence on terrorist activity, the identifying of companies involved in money laundering, victim/witness personal protection, criminal tracking and location.


In 2017, Boyd’s Coffee (in Oregon) data base was hacked. Thousands of credit card numbers along with personal information was stolen. Mathew was able to track down some of the persons involved to Manhattan NY. The evidence and intelligence he was able to collect and turn over to the F.B.I., lead the F.B.I. to the front door of the apartment in Manhattan NY were some of the suspects involved were residing.


Mathew is also a licensed Bail Agent in the State of Wyoming and Montana.


Wyoming Bail Agent License #399103

Montana Bail Agent License #3000626946


Mathew is partners with Melinda Hunsaker Smith in the ownership of Paladin Bail Bonds, LLP in Powell Wyoming.
Mathew and Melinda also are the owners of Paladin Investigations, LLC


Agencies Mathew Has Worked With:

D.E.A (Drug Enforcement Administration), F.B.I. (Federal Bureau Of Investigation), British Special Police(MI5), Wyoming DCI (Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation) Multiple Sheriff’s Offices in Florida, Multiple Police Department’s In Florida, Sheriff’s Office In Idaho, Police Department In Idaho. (Due to written agreements with the Sheriff’s Offices, and Police Department’s Mathew’s involvement with them and their departments cannot publicly posted)


Mathew has several thousands of hours of Experience/Training in:


Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation “Information Liaison Officer” Training November 2021


Florida’s 120 Hrs Bail Agents Class Requirements. Florida Bail Agent Association Certified 1999


University of Florida Bail Agent Correspondents Course 1999


Working Undercover In Multi-National Drug Trafficking Operations


Working Undercover in National and Local Operations Including Drug Trafficking Investigations


Foreign and Domestic Terrorism Investigations


Tracking and Locating of Persons


Locating and Apprehension of Fugitives


Personal Protection of Witnesses and Victims


Firearms (Including Fully Automatic)


Self Defense


Pain Compliance


Arrest Techniques and Procedures




Counterintelligence & Countersurveillance


Collection & Analysis of Intelligence


Melinda Hunsaker

(Owner and business manager of Paladin Bail Bonds, LLP.  Bail Agent)

National Producer# 19160345—Wyoming License# 400180


Melinda has 12 years of successful experience in project management and 20 years in different facets of healthcare. Melinda holds a bachelor’s degree in business management, a master’s degree in education, and a master’s degree in Management and Leadership.


Melinda currently is an instructional designer for Western Governors University during the day.


Melinda is the majority owner of Paladin Investigations, LLC and partners in Paladin Bail Bonds, LLP. She handles the business management for Paladin Investigations, LLC, and Paladin Bail Bonds, LLP as well as being a bail agent.


A strong believer in lifelong learning, Melinda regularly studies many different topics for her professional and personal growth. Melinda enjoys a good eBook but can also be found on the trails in Wyoming.


Melinda has experienced what it is like to hunt down a fugitive.

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